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Before I go on to describe what happened in Roland’s office, I thought it might be good to share this story I wrote in late April 2012, which he has read, and which we talked about briefly in the Tower restaurant and also at the photoshoot. (Because I intend to show the societal and personal backdrop to this deal, -rather than simply boast about my sexual adventures – I will not only post about the sex work itself on this blog. If I’m not lazy I’m going to post stuff about feminism, stigmatisation of lone mothers, lies told by the media and politicians about increasing rates of, and negative consequences of teenage pregnancy – it’s been steadily declining since the late 70’s – representations in psychology, literature, film etc. And probably more stuff about me as well which is unrelated to prostitution.)This story has content of an adult nature, more so than the rest of this blog and **contains humour and/or glorification of police brutality/state violence** It may also be offensive to fans of Ann Widdecombe and /or Rick Santorum. All characters are mine except the obvious real-life people.

The story is here on my other page:

or you can just click on the title at the top of this page, if you haven’t alreadydone so and read the story. It’s 16 pages long, so you might want to grab a coffee or something whilst you read it. (I never got the hang of making short stories short.)

“The UK Government Torture Act” A sociopolitical BDSM story


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