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List of all known people who have sold virginity

I have decided to compile the World Wide Web’s only list of everyone known to have sold their virginity, along with the amount and outcome. (Does not include people who planned to sell their virginity but have no evidence of a serious attempt to carry on with the sale, or people who traded it for shoes, Justin Bieber tickets, marriage, Apple products, commitment, Blackberrys, or small amounts of money. These all happened – Google it.) As brothels and agencies take large percentages of the amount, it is not known how much some of the sellers recieved, especially if they were taxed.

A 16 year old Irish Girl posted ad/auction on to fund Art supplies for university -attempted for £6,000 Result not known–teen-selling—virginity-to-highest-bidder-14650532.html

A New Zealand 19 year old student, through action site, equivalent to £20,000

Noelle, a Belgian 21 year old student through an Amsterdam escort site – £45,000 for 24 hours. Bidding started at £4,200 and after two months of bidding it rose to £45,000.

Australian, Chinese-born schoolgirl through escort agency – $12,000 (whatever that’s equivalent to in GBP) for 2 days or $15,000 for 4 days, depending which story you read. The agency will take up to 50%

Natalie Dylan (not her real name) , 22 year old American student, through a Nevada legal brothel to fund a postgrad degree, goal of a million USD, sold for 3.7 million (amount never verified, actual transaction never verified). She got the idea from her sister paying for tuition after prostituting herself for 3 weeks.,2933,480037,00.html

Alina Percea, German erotic website18 year old student, to help her family in Romania and fund university education -£8,000 but may have lost over half in tax and VAT, leaving her with over £3,000 in the end. She claimed they set up another meeting, and this time she wouldn’t make him pay.

18 year old Hungarian girl, to pay off family debts and go to medical school,  £200k but knew she will lose half in tax.

18 year old British student Rosie Reid, a lesbian in a relationship. Sold through Ebay then through a website she set up after Ebay shut down the bid, £8,400. Sold to a BT engineer to pay for tuition fees. She initially posted it as a joke but then recieved responses and realized people would pay.


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The Promised Smut

Well, guys and dolls (yeah, that was sexist. A bit of sexism or racism is okay; just not too much) I did promise you smut. (A Mexican walks into a black guy’s bar…nah, I’ll save it for later.) Anyway, I did promise you smut. And we all know that it’s the only reason that a significant proportion of my few followers even read this blog. Today was eventful: had a chat with an old classmate, fencing. Learned that GSW nearly got outed. Risked outing myself through being impetuous and thrill-seeking. The thing about me, folks, is that while I only rarely do stupid things, when I do something stupid it is SPECTACULARLY STUPID. Actually, here is a list of the most stupid things I’ve ever done/said starting from age 14:

When a stone made the blade of a lawnmower get stuck, I put my hand in to free the stone. The power was on. I was worried about the blade pushing my hand when I got it free, but didn’t think my hand would be cut.

At age 17, put a hedge trimmer to my face, thinking that there was no battery in it, and nearly turned it on because the handle was a switch.

Nearly put a wallpaper trimmer to my face without the safety edge on (you can see there’s a trend here). -age 18

Bleached my hair blonde at 17 and then at 18; both times I then dyed it to brown.

Accidentally set my hair on fire.

On the first day of the Tahrir Square revolution, said to an Egyptian guy in a conversation “Is your government as bad as ours?” (referring to 9k tuition fees and the cuts) and “[in response to him saying his gov was bad] What did they do?” and “[when you go back] at least it won’t be cold and you won’t have to live under an insane government”. (In my defence, I knew they had elections so thought it was a democracy, and the riots hadn’t hit our news yet. I really feel this was set up to make me look stupid – if it’d been a Libyan or Saudi Arabian person or whatever, I totally would’ve known the political situation, albeit in very general terms. And really – the first day of the riots?? Someone up there totally planned to make me look stupid.)

Making up a fantasy inspired by Lochlan’s friend’s antics (which took place in a particular country when I was 18, and I spoke to him on the phone from Britain and told him I’d spank him for it if I was there and he wanked to the conversation) about police torture and spanking misbehaving tourists in a particular country, then found out it was true (for locals, not tourists) last year so moved the fantasy to Britain, wrote it down with embellishments and an actual plot rather than isolated incidents, then called it “The UK Government Torture Act”. The story was also inspired by the South Park episode where Santa gets his balls electrocuted by the Taliban, as a form of torture, and he yells out “No! Not Santa’s balls!” Favourite episode ever, but spoilt forever when I saw evidence that this really happened and terrorists weren’t the perpertrators. It never seemed funny again.

Pranked a prankster by telling him I would commit suicide. He told the police, the Scottish government and the health department, which meant the police ambushed me after my exam, my university teamed up with the police to lead me into their clutches and police told my parents.

Believing Roland’s fib that he had the key to my handcuffs and I couldn’t get them off when actually they were the pop-open kind.

Sending those texts to Roland. I think he’s annoyed with me. This was not good judgement.

Risking being outed for reasons that are unclear even to me. Again, this was not good judgement.

As you can see, I do only one or two stupid things per year, but they are very, very stupid.

And, without further ado, the smut:


We’re in the car park of Art’s Complex where Roland rents a studio under an alias.  We got here so fast from the restaurant because I know you guys want to get to the dirty parts quickly.

I tell him that when I gave him the message about wanting to sell my virginity – here it is:

[…]And there have been others who have sold their virginity, according to the news and wikipedia, though none ofthem were male, which may prove how sickening our society is that male virginity is devalued (or nonexistent)? Or female virginity prized because of traditional attitudes/the virgin/whore dichotomy. Anyway they got 4-8k for it usually, one Hungarian girl got 200k to pay her family’s debts and go to uni (so at least both parties got screwed). There’s a site called that my griend’s friend advertises on, but Iwant to speak to her about how to make sure I get paid and stuff. Not that I’m looking for as much as the girls above got, necessarily; it is more the thrill of selling it, I guess. And come on, who pays as much as that for a screw?? I’d be waiting forever.

…I deliberately thought about which amounts to type, and backspaced a few times. (The message originally said “they got 4k, 6k, 8k and 100k” but this was backspaced for being too low.) Only one of those amounts – 8k – was genuine; one was exaggerated upwards slightly – I think it was 100k. I did this to entice him to meet me because he wouldn’t know which amount I was referring to when I said I didn’t necessarily want as much as they got, so he might think it could be just 2k or 3k. Then, when I met him I could see how much he’d pay. Asking a higher price would be justified by the ambiguity of which of the amounts I was referring to – theoretically it could be 199k.

I was telling him this and giggling, and he said that’s the beauty of the English language – that it’s ambiguous. He said, “Well I thought ‘she’s after more than 2k’, because I could just tell that you’d want more by the way you wrote it.” He said that when he read it he knew it was deliberately ambiguous! Nothing gets past Roland!

So we get to his studio and takes lots of photos of me in underwear, fashion shots, more pervy shots, shots of me lying down biting my purity ring. As usual, he talks to me the whole time and it is fun. It hurts to do some of the poses though. He tied ropes around me and knotted them all together like the ready-made harnesses on eNay. I told him that, he didn’t know there were ready-made ones. Then he asks, “So how did you get into feminism?” and I try to explain and get as far as a lecture on it which made me realise I was a feminist, and my realisation that feminism didn’t have to be radical feminism or man-hating/sex negative and the merits of liberal feminism and how feminism affects academic, political and social discourse and lived experience, eg feminist criminology. But it felt kind of stupid trying to talk about the feminisation of poverty and the tension between objectification and control of female sexuality while he was getting shots of me bending over.

He said it was hard for me to explain objectification while being objectified by him 🙂  I think so, but also I think it is hard to talk about any serious subject while nearly naked with your arse in the air…it doesn’t work. I think it would’ve been worse if I’d tried to talk about AIDS in Africa or genocide or the holocaust.

Roland showed me an enema bag he’d brought, with a big wide Roland grin, then got me to put on this bodystocking I’d brought. It looked good on me. He took out a (unused) vibrator and photographed me licking cream off it and rubbing it on my clit, which wasn’t great, but okay. It was fun. I suggested he try to spank me while I tried to get away; he managed to pull me over his knee and eventually I fell off, which was funny. (Yeah, these descriptions aren’t great, I know.)

I told him nothing was going to happen with the vibrator because I have to be in a specific position to do it, so he asked me to get in that position. I got down on all fours and started doing my thang while Roland lay down on his side behind me and ogled. Then he got his camera and started taking pictures, really close up shots, like he might ram its massive telescopic lens right inside me by accident.

I demonstrated how I normally move and change position slightly, pressing myself forward onto my forearms as I progress and curling my toes under so I’m sort of on tiptoes. So I was saying “…And then I do this…then I shift…now I usually do this…” while he clicks away. I turned to look at him for a bit and he looked really happy and like he couldn’t believe his luck. He also looked very focused. If he’s that focussed when he’s at work, it’s not surprising he’s successful, and I was thinking how humiliating this was for him, a rich business professional reduced to lying on the floor taking shots up my pussy in schoolboy awe just because my vagina is dangled in front of him. Ah, the power.

I really liked doing this, it was very liberating. The door wasn’t locked and I hoped we’d be caught. (Him taking pics of nude girls is normal in a studio, but it would be harder to explain taking close-up genital shots of a girl masturbating.)

Loads more to come, but I’m tired.


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Why this blog/Kalika’s Q and A:your sordid questions answered!

Why this blog?

1. ‘Cause Belle de Jour did it.

2. I wanted to write a diary, then I thought, ‘why not a blog? Then it wouldn’t be so pointless, and other people will see it. And nobody’s done a selling virginity blog before, because most virginity buyers don’t want to drag it out like Roland.’

3. I like writing complete shit and ranting against the homophobes/Ann Widdecombe/Nadine Dorries/Rick Santorum/Rick Perry/the pro-lifers/the conservatives/the Conservatives/the government (which is mostly Conservative)/the conservatives who pretend to be feminists/the Conservative feminists…Is anyone even still reading this? Anyway, I like ranting against all of these loons, so why not rant on the internet, call it “blogging”, call myself “a blogger”, act smug about it and put it on my CV? And I can smear my complete shit all over the internet and act like it’s some kind of socially-worthy activity! (Some have called me an activist, even though all I’m doing is writing down what I say every day. Saying stuff to your friends is just slagging off people, but when you stick it on a blog, it’s activism!)


(No-one’s asked me any questions…well, maybe one or two, but I forget what they were. Anyway, here are some questions I think would be FAQs if this morally reprehensible blog had more followers:)

Q. What prompted you to sell your virginity?

A. I’ve always dreamed of prostituting myself and been very jealous of sex workers. I especially fantasised about selling virginity. I love money, and love the idea of being paid for sex. It’s kinky.

Q. Why did you choose Roland instead of auctioning it as you would’ve got more money that way?

A. He was the safest and easiest option, and I liked his personality. I preferred it to be someone I liked and knew slightly. Sacrificing thousands for these paltry preferences was ridiculously stupid, of course – I wouldn’t pay thousands for those things, so why throw away thousands for those things? – however I don’t regret my decision, and I’ve never claimed to be intelligent.

Q.Do you enjoy being sexual with Roland?

A.Yes. I think I naturally am very into kinky sex. I didn’t know that before. I think the moral of this unseemly contract is: love sex. (Durex paid me £562,621,869.74 to say that last bit. The massive but somehow invisible prostitution corporations paid me twice that amount to say the first bit. I actually hate doing anything with Roland, because he forces me at gunpoint to do it, and has cut me with very cool-looking designer knives. On one occassion, he stuck a hot poker up my bum as an experiment, but forgot to record the result so had to repeat the experiment five times, then press a hot frying pan to my bottom as a control study. He then spanked me with it for not staying still and compromising the experiment. He also tortured me with electrodes and taser-like instruments, and has set my butt on fire repeatedly.  I don’t enjoy these things because Roland works for the despotic government of Fantasia and I think government torture is morally wrong. Roland agrees that it is indeed morally wrong, but he counters that it is also sexy, an observation which I find difficult to rebutt.)

Q.Why don’t you have two separate blogs, one for your perverted, badly-written diary, and another for your half-baked thoughts on feminism, BDSM laws, 50 Shades, and other sociopolitical things you obviously know nothing about? Or even a third blog for your kinky fiction that either goes on and on for thirty pages or is total rubbish?

A. I wanted to make the point that sex isn’t a separate sphere of our lives. It’s part of our social life, our family life, etc. We have sex with people we meet socially or through work; we use our social skills to pick up men or maintain relationships. We have sex with people in our family such as our spouses and partners. Our children are (usually) born by sex, or even if they’re not, the method used to create them was a secondary choice because the usual method wasn’t a viable option for us. We have a tendency in the west to segregate sex off from the other parts of our lives, and have distinct attitudes or unease towards it. (The forced therapy on two 6 year olds who had oral sex in an  American classroom proves that while dressing up or playing house is acceptable for children, ‘playing doctor’ or exploring each others’ bodies is not. Worryingly, this exploration used to be shrugged off as ‘playing doctor’ in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s but now in our supposed ‘freer’ times, it is pathologized and medicalized. Facebook recently banned a user for posting a photo of her 5 year old pretending to breastfeed her two year old, because the photo was ‘sexual’. There are more examples, obviously, those are the first two I thought of.)

I also wanted to make the point that you can talk seriously about feminist issues and issues surrounding BDSM, sexuality and sex work alongside a sex diary – that the academic/political discourse around sex can’t be completely separated from the lived experience itself. When we research, analyse, discuss and legislate on sex – from gay marriage to abortion to the legality of BDSM – we are affecting real individuals’ lives and freedoms. When we don’t legislate on/discourage sexism, homophobia, slut-shaming/stigmatisation of lone mothers/the double standard enough (or, indeed, at all) this affects real people. I don’t think sex – or anything else – can be completely divided into two spheres as the academic-political discourse and the separate private experience. The lines are blurred.

I also wanted to show people that sex workers are well-rounded people who can be feminists – not victims – and do other things like write fiction etc. So I didn’t see a need to have one blog for my diary and feminism and a separate blog just for the few stories I have, especially since those stories are connected to the diary in that Roland and I frequently talk about them and Roland has mimicked the Queen Tut spanking scene/Kemet 1 twice and occassionally calls me by that name.

Q. Don’t you understand that you’re being exploited by that disgusting male who is little better than a rapist?

A. Yes, I feel very exploited. I went to a photo shoot with the intention of giving Roland a trial-run so that if he passed I could initiate a deal to sell my virginity. I’m a kinky student being paid £8,000 to have kinky sex with a millionaire I actually like personality-wise, who looks young for his age, pays for my food when I see him, and is overly concerned about my emotional health/consent issues. I have money saved up anyway from working part-time the last couple of years, I could get a career job as I just graduated; I’m doing casual work now anyway and have student overdrafts so I’m not dependent on him. I can stop this whenever I want. Of course I’m being exploited, please rescue me.This is horrible – I’m oversexed and have too much money.No woman should be treated in this way.

Q.Is there anything about selling virginity that you feel negatively about?

A. Two things – his age, and the hair thing.

Q. Do you ever detach yourself while doing it?

A. Once, for about three minutes, though I didn’t realise other sex workers do that sometimes, I thought it was only me. I did it as a precaution, but it got so hot that I began to like it so I un-detached myself.

Q. Why aren’t the Feminism and BDSM sections of your blog more objective?

A. In this stage that our society is now in, I don’t think we can afford to be objective any more. People’s freedoms and quality of life are at stake. You only have to look across the pond to see that, once a free country is on the way to becoming a theocracy, the slide is difficult to stop and lots of innocent bystanders will suffer a lot (If you haven’t heard of the ‘war on women’, Google it, or Google ‘last abortion clinic Mississippi’, or ‘teen abortion parental consent North Carolina’ – which wasn’t even part of the recent controversies, but an older law.) Who knows how many women especially young or poor women, are, right now, being forced by government (or in N. Carolina, abusive parents) to bear babies as a result of that? How many people got AIDS or pregnant because of abstinence education (which has mostly declined now but still exists)? These are the ‘invisible children’ that we- well, Americans – can actually do something about. The solution is simple – scrap all those newly-enforced laws. It doesn’t take millions of dollars or decades of scientific research to do that. The Americans know this, of course – they aren’t as dumb as they portray themselves in their films- but the loonies won’t let regular Americans put things right and save the children and themselves from unnecessary harm.

We don’t want this stuff to happen here and American abstinence programmes and anti-abortion government control have already been attempted (by Dorries. Most recently in January, which was her 4th attempt).

Q. Why do your posts go off on tangents?

A. They just do.

Q. To you, personally, what is the best thing about free speech?

A. Well we all know why it’s massively important, so my answer is: Being able to write the Santorum gets spanked scene in my story ‘The UK Government Torture Act’ and not get spanked by the police for writing it. Wait, is that actually a good thing?

Q.When did you begin to have BDSM fantasies?

A. 9 years and 2 months. This is also when I began to draw and write kinky stories and comics.

Q. At what age did you realise these fantasies were sexual and accept your desires?

A. 18

Q. Has Roland ever done anything to you that made you feel bad?

A. Woke me up at 5.45 am. In his defence, this was totally necessary.

Got a question? Ask me in a comment! 😀


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…And that’s a post!

The top three search engine terms that brought people to this sordid blog today were:

When does Ana get spanked with a belt in 50 shades

Sell virginity 2012

I want to have sex with my boss but he’s way older than me


What is the world coming to and where on Earth is Nadine Dorries when you need her? Please take away our freedom and stop us from fornicating!!


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