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‘Like’ if you want BSkillet outed

I have for over 48 hours known “slutvote” blogger BSkillet’s full name, photo, age and which company he works at. And lots of other random info about where he previously lived, etc.

I know that outing him is not illegal, as I am a private individual. And I think that as a private individual, outing him is more ethical than if I were a journalist because news corporations have their own agendas, e.g. readership, site hits, luring advertisrs; and money is always behind such agendas.

And as an anonymous person, I cannot be seeking fame or kudos by outing him.

However I’m still not sure if it’s ethical and I cannot make up my mind as to whether it is ethical. I normally am against outing people unless they’re really, really bad. But BSkillet isn’t just trolling, he really believes in what he says so I think this is serious because it’s real hate, not just joking or trolling.

So I will leave you all to decide. Anyone who reads this and wants BSkillet outed, just click ‘like’ on this post, or tell me any other way you would like to (a comment, a tweet – I’m @KalikaGold on Twitter.) I’m not looking for an arbitrary number like 10, 50 or 100 people, just trying to get a feel of how many of you think it is ethical/want him outed, vs the number of people who view this page. If a lot of you want him outed by tommorrow, I’ll do it. Or maybe leave it till the 12th – it depends on how many people view the page. I’m not a fan of arbitrary time limits because they aren’t always that fair.

Kali xx


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