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Reply to a biased Daily Record article on sexwork

This is the article; it won’t let me comment:

I have studied prostitution (actually, it’s called sex work) and am selling virginity, and honestly this is the dumbest, most ill-informed, unreasonable article on the sex industry that I have ever read in a mainstream newspaper. Firstly, you and the Glasgow Support Network assume that these mothers are streetwalking. Streetwalkers make up only less than 10% of sexworkers; most work independently from home doing incalls, outcalls or both, in massage parlours or with escort agencies. And that’s not even including dominatrixes who may work from “dungeons” etc.

Secondly, you assume that these mothers are vulnerable and need you, you brave, honorable saviours of the poor disgusting little prossies, to help them. However though many streetwalkers are drug users or have a history of abuse, this doesn’t go for sexworkers who do not streetwalk. And even streetwalkers still have agency and just because someone was abused, it doesn’t make their career choice nonconsensual.

Thirdly, criminalising buyers leads to more trafficking and scares off the educated and safe buyers who would have a lot to lose if they were caught. It just leaves the clients who already have criminal records and don’t care about being caught. Criminalising clients has turned out very badly in Sweden, leading to trafficking to Russia as well as increased whorephobia and stigmatisation of sex workers; a university student was thrown out of her uni when a lecturer discovered she was doing sexwork on the side. Also, if these mothers can’t earn money doing sexwork, WHAT ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES? WHAT ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN?? Also, would “prostitution” be okay with you guys if someone was filming (ie pornography)?

And support for Rhoda Grant? How could you? Don’t you journalists know the lies and long-disproved studies she used in her consultation? She wants to criminalise sexwork, don’t you understand what that means? It means that sexworkets would be arrested, that the police would be breaking down doors and pointing guns at you to catch you in the act like in America, Land of the Free. It means that if a sexworker is raped by a client, he or she won’t report it or they’d be jailed for prostitution! And the clients would know this, so they could rape and beat up sexworkers with impunity. And when sexwork is criminalised, it becomes controlled by pimps and a criminal underworld, not the cottage industry it is now. Oh, and nice photo of a scantily-clad streetwalker you’ve chosen for your biased article…otherwise how else would people think all sexworkers are streetwalkers?

Please think about the consequences of your so-called “reporting” and blatant support for Rhoda Grant’s misguided and ignorant attention-seeking. Rape, violence and crime are very serious issues with very serious consequences. I hope that in the future you will understand the need for sensitivity, honesty and responsibility in reporting, for the sake of our society and both male and female sexworkers and their families.

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