Debauchery on my driving license

25 Sep

I’ve just filled in the form for my provisional licence. I chose to put the purity ring on a choker-length chain and wear it around my neck in the photo booth so that the ring will be visible, even though barely, on my driving licence.

I intend to use the same photo for my full license. It will be barely noticeable, but I will know it’s there. This way, I’ll be reminded of my virginity sale forever, and if I ever feel down or like I’ve failed, I’ll pull out my driving licence and be reminded of how I once empowered myself and that I can be creative, strong and determined enough to get whatever I want. I’ll remember this blog, too, and the hundreds of hours I’ve put into it.

I think this proves how much I trust Roland, because if he did something to cause me distress I’d have to get the photo redone. Or not look at my license. Still, it’s only a provisional one so if he hurt me I’d only have the license for a few more months anyway.


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One response to “Debauchery on my driving license

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