The 100th Post

10 Sep

This is my 100th post. Thank you, Followers and people who randomly chanced upon my little bit of the interwebz. This blog now has 66 followers and the record for views per day was 181, two days ago.

So far I have remained faithful to blogging about issues surrounding my adventure, and not strayed onto tangents. Those issues so far have been: feminism in general; liberal feminism, the double standard, slut-shaming, victim blaming, the virgin/whore dichotomy, sex education, the abstinence cult, politics, abortion, sexism, misogyny, BDSM, Fifty Shades of Grey, the Spanner case, stigmatisation of lone mothers, stigmatisation of ‘teenage pregnancy’, whorephobia, sex work, and how to sell your virginity. And portrayals/instances of all these things in film, media and literature – though I haven’t written as much on this as I’d hoped. I also included some spanking stories, especially the ones mentioned in my Diary.

During and because of writing this blog, I have followed BDSM blogs, feminist blogs and sex work blogs (I cannot recommend The Harlot’s Parlour {USA} and GlasgowSexWorker {Scotland, but applicable to all UK} enough – not as sex diaries, but as well-referenced political sources on sex work, policy, media portrayals, political discourse and feminist oppression of sex workers.) I now know more about BDSM, feminism and sex work, though interestingly most people’s views do not differ from what I learned at university (support of liberal as opposed to radical feminism, and sex workers agreeing on decriminalization of sex work – as opposed to legalization or criminalization- being best for them). I have honed my ideas and arguments. I have created a Facebook profile for Kalika/this blog and joined Twitter a few days ago, which led to me following other sex workers and sex work organisations on Twitter. That has been an education in itself. The creation of this blog has been an adventure and learning experience in itself, like a microcosm of the adventure that spawned it.

That adventure started at 12:30ish on May 7, when I made the deal in the Tower and we drove to Roland’s company where we had (Borat accent) sexytime. This blog started on May 9. Now it’s a day to four months later, and who knew this blog would’ve kept being updated this long? I certainly didn’t. It’s pure chance, really – Roland happens to be going through a time where he has less time for hookers, so has to ‘spread out’ our (his company being sued, buying a new office building, being sued over an addition to the building, etc).

I leave you all with some Fun Facts (I so loved Fun Facts as a kid), a couple of exclusive never published photos!! (Imagine this on a hysterical TMZ, OK! or Sun webpage/front cover). And some songs that remind me of my adventure, and that I’m a virginwhore.

Fun Facts- learning is FUN!

*I don’t like kissing Roland because I feel it is too intimate. I also fear it will make him get attached to me and vice versa. However, during knife play I snogged him of my own accord because snogging/winching/kissing with tongues/French kissing is incredibly sexy and not intimate at all to me; it also makes me feel dominant.

*In the Tower, Roland said about the Kemet 1 story that he felt “that the authoress was hiding something” – that either Queen Tut knew she had done something to deserve being forcibly publically spanked by the Emperor, or she had secretly enjoyed it; or why would she accept compensation? I asked Roland what he’d do in her stead, and he said he wouldn’t accept compensation but instead do the same thing back to the Emperor because that would be “the most symmetrical”. I said he could get compensation and then get revenge, but Roland told me “people would say, ‘ah, but she has accepted the compensation!'”.

*As a person who thrives on thrill and drama (of the non-gossipy, non-trouble-making kind), the reactions of the very few friends I’ve told about this were disappointingly anticlimactic. Why is nothing shocking anymore? Why is it that Prince Harry can be the undeserving target of a neverending, ennui-inducing international scandal over a non-story as trivial as playing strip billiards for God’s sake – a piece of trivia too small to even be called ‘celebrity gossip’ (especially since we all know he’s done more than be naked in front of a lady – he’s had girlfriends, people. That means S-E-X. Duh.), and nobody blinks if I whore myself out to a rich pervert? Am I not going to get my story (anonymously) in some worthless rag (here’s looking at you, The Sun and the Daily Mail) because of my unseemly conduct?

*Roland looks more chubby with clothes on than off.

*In Roland, I have finally met someone who laughs and giggles more than I do.

*I honestly fear being outed by journalists, which is pure paranoia as hardly anyone even knows about this blog and no virginity sellers who went to the press have ever been outed. The press also might not be that interested in interviewing me when they can just get all the details off this blog and print them; it would be easy to make an article-length story from this blog which does, after all, have 100 posts by the time you read this. Maybe it’s because I’ve a long-held distrust of the news corporations, who I’ve always seen as destroying our privacy and our freedom just to make money. (Certain tabloids in particular – I’m sure I don’t need to name and shame). I’ve always admired other countries where criminals’ full names and photos aren’t published, just a shortened version of their name and an age range. Recently, the media corporations’ frenzied assault on Kristen Stewart and Prince Harry, as well as the NOTW fiasco, has not created for me any faith in – or respect for- journalists. Indeed, they have been acting as moralists’ tools of late, condemning ‘sexual’ (perhaps it would be more appropriate to say ‘naked’ or ‘naturist’) activity in Prince Harry’s case and, in Kristen’s case, promoting the double standard by leaving married father-of-two Rupert Sanders alone and blaming the much younger, unmarried Kristen.

*After the first time at Roland’s company, I didn’t shower until the second day because I loved what I’d done and wanted to feel like the material from the sofa (in tiny particles) and atoms from the implements or his skin flakes were still on me. When I showered, I had a bath afterwards just to make sure I was clean (as I’d missed a day) and suddenly had a really clear image of him sucking my nipples, probably because my upper body was in a similar position to that time. The image was really clear and I saw it 3 times; then I decided it was annoying and stopped it. I told Roland about this and he could offer no explanation for it, just asked me how I felt when the image came up (happy, as usual).

*The story Kemet 1 was based almost wholly on one dream, and a bit on two other dreams. However, most of the first dream is not included in Kemet or it’d be even longer. Themes not included/not explored as much in the story are: collecting tears, worshipping someone as a god, the emperor attempting to buy Fiera as his slave during her slave days, and Fiera biting his hand; her violent takeover of Kemet, her abolishing of slavery and reforming laws; her popularity with the public.

*Last time I saw him, just before he drove off he asked me to kiss him. We were sitting in the car. Then he noticed a police car parked in front of us, said “oh, wait, there’s the police” then after a few seconds when the car had left, we kissed. And of course that was totally unnecessary because even if I was under 16, kissing someone under the age of consent isn’t a crime as it is not a sex act! And prostitution isn’t a crime! But we both totally felt that we didn’t want to be seen by the police. It’s just so funny. I think it’s because we knew we were doing something naughty so we acted guilty.You couldn’t make it up.

Exclusive photos:

Me twirling the purity ring on my thumb, shot in weird lighting conditions to darken skin tone for identity purposes.

Roland’s bank statement that he printed for me out of a Leith ATM. (He asked if I wanted a statement showing millions. I did. He also withdrew £500.) It’s impossible to read at this size, but it shows well over 1 and a half million.









I told Roland I’d upload his statement to the blog. I can’t believe he withdrew £500; my ISA only has 500 in it, and that’s only because I transferred a bit over into it when Roland gave me the first installment. I also spend like crazy so I try not to carry over £50 cash because the more cash I have, the more I spend. I don’t splurge so much with cards.)

Songs that remind me of it – because of theme, title, or the song happened to be playing when I was travelling to do my whoring or with Roland:

Roxanne, Moulin Rouge version.

Beyonce’s Naughty Girl.

Pussycat Doll’s When I Grow Up.

Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven is a Place on Earth. That’s how this adventure makes me feel.

Britney Spears’ Criminal. I did a spoof of this on the blog.

Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls.

The Wanted’s Glad You Came. It played twice on the drive down to Newcastle, once on the way back up.

Pussycat Dolls’ Beep

Pussycat Dolls’ Buttons

I know Where I’m Going – soundtrack to The Wicker Tree

Mika’s Lollipop

Pink Floyd’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

Rihanna’s S&M

Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time

The Sucker Punch soundtrack, for some reason. Maybe because some of it takes place in a brothel and the main character tries to escape the selling of her virginity to The High Roller? And after this act is carried out through symbolism, she ends up “in Paradise” (like my fictitious Paradise machine in the UK Gov’t Torture Act? Oh I just realised, I will sell my virginity to Roland in a brothel (“massage parlour”) too! He wants to video it there because of his ‘virgin in the whorehouse’ thing.

Lemar’s Don’t Give It Up

Nelly Furtado’s Promiscuos Girl

Nickelback’s Rockstar

Big Brovaz’s Favourite Things

Gwen Stefani’s Rich Girl

Shakira’s She Wolf -maybe because ‘lupa’ in Latin meant a she-wolf, but was also slang for prostitute. Which throws into doubt the myth that Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf – it could have been a woman. In several European languages, words meaning a female wolf, fox or dog are used to slut-shame women or describe inappropriately sexy women. In English we have ‘foxy’, ‘fox’ and ‘vixen’; the American use of our word ‘bitch’ is equivalent to our word ‘slut’.In Spanish the words for she-wolf, female fox or female dog also mean ‘slut’, while in German schlampe can correspond to English ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’ in different contexts. In modern Italian, female dog or wolf still means slut.

Beyonce’s Baby Boy. Because it’s all about wanting a boy to fulfil your fantasies.

Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies, as it’s about no man being able to stop you going with other men if he isn’t married to you.

Filo and Peri’s The Anthem, because it mourns and cries out about lost chances and dreams long gone, but I’m fulfilling my dream.

Scissor sisters’ Filthy/Gorgeous

Lady Marmalade

Modjo’s Lady Hear Me Tonight

Ain’t Nobody


3 responses to “The 100th Post

  1. Quai Franklin

    September 10, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Congratulations on your 100th post! Your writing and your adventure are scintillating and I wish I had more time to read it all. Thank you.

    • Kalika Gold

      September 11, 2012 at 3:34 am

      Thank you 🙂 I honestly don’t think my writing is that good, but I’m very glad you find it interesting.

  2. William

    October 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

    If an adult male kisses a girl under 16 he can be done for sexual assault. That’s the society we’re living in.


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