Rodney’s Rod (MFmm/m)

02 Jul

15 year old Rodney tries to lose his virginity.

Warning: This story is of absolutely no literary merit. It’s just for fun. It takes place in The Village (my fantasy). Also, it depicts a 15 year old boy as the victim, 2 counts of rape by a male and female, forced crossdressing, wetting and parental negligence by Rodney’s stepfather.

Rodney’s Rod

Rodney lived in the Village with his mum Susie, a blonde bimbo, and stepdad Terry, a dumbfuck. Rodney was above average in looks with a sharp, slightly freckled nose, big brown eyes and a long mouth that was perfect for kissing. The star of fifteen year old Rodney’s otherwise mundane life was Veronica, the mocha-haired angel who’d had him twisted around her little finger the moment their eyes had met in maths class. So what if she was dating other guys; she was top of the class, wore little miniskirts and tutus that kept him following after her like a faithful dog, and her beautiful smile gave him hope for the future. And tonight, he was about to deflower his lovely girlfriend! It was a crime in the Village, but let love laugh at danger! That’s what she’d told him, with a perfectly delivered quote from Baudelaire : “love will laugh at heaven and at hell.” And she did love him; of course she loved him, she had said so herself, teasing her fingers through his ruffled dark hair. And tonight, Rodney was going to finally be a man!

Rodney knocked on Veronica’s door and Corndawg, her dad, opened the door. He was muscled with short cropped hair the colour of straw and a blonde moustache. He was an educated man – by the standards of the Village – but looked like a redneck grappling with a particularly elusive thought.

“Good evening,” said Rodney breathlessly, his hard wood already poking at his boxers. Corndawg grunted and slowly moved aside. His wife Christine smiled up at him from the chintz armchair, then returned to her novel. She had brown mid-lentgh hair and pearls and was wearing a cardigan over a slightly expensive dress Rodney could only describe as “housewifey”. It suited her to a tee. Rodney scampered upstairs and Veronica ran down, kissing him eagerly on the lips and dragging him upstairs, tearing off his clothes and throwing herself down on the bed. Rodney had never felt more of a man as dropped his boxers, his tool jutting proudly out, ready to do the deed. Suddenly the door burst open and Corndawg stormed in. He sat on the bed as Veronica jumped up and pulled a terrified Rodney over his lap. Corndawg spanked Rodney’s ass very hard as the shocked boy yelped and squirmed as his butt turned red. Oh the shame! He was getting spanked over someone’s knee! Rodney looked so babyish getting spanked over her dad’s lap, like a little boy. Veronica giggled as she took lots of photos and videos on her phone, sending them to all her friends. Rodney was blushing as red as his rear. Corndawg’s heavy paw slammed repeatedly into the now hot cheeks, and Rodney felt warm tears trickle down his cheeks.

Footsteps plodded into the room and Christine, Veronica’s mother, sat next to Corndawg on the bed. Her pretty features were twisted in fury. Corndawg stopped spanking as Christine yanked Rodney over her lap, raised a large wooden hairbrush and swatted the boy’s trembling red behind. Rodney howled.

Christine thrashed the horniness out of the scarlet buns, whacking rhythmically as Rodney bucked and kicked, trying to do anything to take his blazing bum out of her brush’s reach. Veronica was still taking pictures. Christine turned her attention to Rodney’s sit spots, provoking anguished wails from the teenager as she toasted his ass. The brush was leaving oval, dark-red imprints on the boy’s swelling tail. Christine laid a few more cracking swats over the marks, put the brush down on the bed and picked up a fluffy pink slipper, which she swung at Rodney’s helpless naked bum. Rodney pitched forward, wailing. The slipper thwacked his burning asscheeks over and over as his legs scissored and waved frenetically.

Christine smiled grimly as she wielded the slipper, concentrating on Rodney’s sit spot which was rapidly blushing a deep poppy red. Finally, she laid the slipper beside the brush and helped the naked, crying boy up. Rodney danced comically around the room, clasping and rubbing his strawberry-coloured bottom. Veronica started giggling again. Corndawg grabbed Rodney’s arms and bent him over the bed; he trembled, waiting.

Corndawg called out “Buddy! Vincent! Get me a belt.” A few moments later, Veronica’s slim, 14 year old brother Vincent nervously entered the room and handed his father a large, heavy belt. “Buddy’s not home yet,” he muttered, then quickly left. Corndawg folded the belt, took a step back, eyed up the quivering red target and slapped the belt across both cheeks. Rodney jumped and howled. Corndawg laid the belt on Rodney’s butt four more times, his globes quivering like raspberry jelly. Then Corndawg dropped his pants and plunged his stiff fat cock into Rodney’s unsuspecting poophole. Rodney squealed like a little girl as Corndawg pushed himself fully inside and slowly screwed him while Veronica watched open-mouthed. Rodney’s pitiful crying and begging him to stop had no effect. Finally, Corndawg grunted and spurted hot cum right up Rodney’s poopchute.

“My turn! My turn!” cried Veronica impatiently, thrusting her father aside. She closed her fingers around Rodney’s limp member and stroked it back to life, then pushed him back onto the bed. Veronica grinned at him. “No! Please no!” Rodney sobbed, trying to push her off him, but it was too late – she was sitting on his cock, and now all of it was inside her as she bounced up and down. Eventually, Veronica pulled herself off him and Corndawg called Vincent, pushing Rodney’s legs up. Rodney blushed furiously; there was no way for him to hide his violated asshole and cock. Vincent wandered into the room and Corndawg said simply, “take your ping-pong paddle and paddle his ass.”

Vincent nodded, went out of the room and reappeared with his paddle; he began to spank each cheek alternately, and Rodney burned with shame that a kid younger than him was paddling his bare bottom. Well, Vincent was only a year younger, but still…he was his girlfriend’s brother…and Vincent was slim and weedy, not slightly tall for his age and broad-shouldered like Rodney. Rodney would have won in a fair fight, had he ever been inclined to start trouble. Vincent slowly landed swat after swat on Rodney’s swollen rear and Rodney knew he was seeing his torn asshole with Corndawg’s syrupy milk oozing out. There was no hiding what had happened; Vincent must know now that Rodney had gotten fucked. Rodney cried harder as Vincent continued whacking his tail. He thought that Vincent would never respect him now.

Rodney heard stomping coming up the stairs and realised that Buddy was home.

“WHERE IS THAT SHIT??” Buddy yelled. A door opened and slammed. Then the bedroom door was flung back and Veronica’s older brother strode into the room, carrying a heavy school paddle. Rodney whimpered. Vincent stepped away. Buddy swung the paddle at his ass and Rodney howled in pain, tears streaming down his red face like a little boy. After six very hard swats, Rodney was bawling like a baby. Buddy grabbed Rodney’s wrist and hauled him off the bed. Rodney jumped around clutching his blazing bottom and wailing for a few minutes until he regained control and stood there, rubbing his bottom and crying pitifully.

“Put your t-shirt and your leather jacket on,” Buddy growled. Rodney did so, trembling. Then Buddy threw him a pair of pink girls’ panties and a pink microminiskirt and told him to put them on. The cloth scraped uncomfortably over Rodney’s throbbing bum, and the revealing panties exposed his freshly spanked behind. Veronica laughed again. Buddy gripped his arm and dragged him down the stairs , opening the door.

“I can’t go out in a skirt and panties!” Rodney gasped.

“Well, you’ll have to,” smirked Buddy, “And next time it’ll be this.”

He punched out, stopping his fist an inch from Rodney’s face. Rodney didn’t flinch. He didn’t say a word. But he wet his panties. A warm wet patch spread over his dripping panties and there was a damp spot on the front of his tiny skirt. Buddy laughed, and slammed the door. Rodney slowly waddled off home, holding his hot bum and thinking miserably of his busted cherry and ass cherry. He tried not to think of what would happen when his dad saw him in a wet skirt and panties, or what school would be like tomorrow after all those photos and videos had gone round.Rodney was blushing beetroot red. He was supposed to become a man by screwing his beautiful girlfriend but instead he had been spanked like a little kid and deflowered and had peed his panties like a baby. Even Vincent had got a go at spanking him and an eyeful of his exposed cock and red ass. And now he was wearing a skirt and panties like a girl, not like the man he was supposed to be at all. Some youths across the street laughed and pointed, screaming and hooting. Rodney realised that other people were staring and pointing too. He hurried on back home, blushing as some kids from school stared at him incredulously before howling with laughter and taking photos on their phones.

Terry gawped at Rodney as he came in. He jumped to his feet, grabbed Rodney by the hair and yelled, “YOU’RE WEARING A FUCKING SKIRT?? And you pissed yourself! You’re going to get a good old-fashioned ass beating, you little sissy!”

Terry pulled Rodney over his knee, flipped up the skirt and started vigorously spanking Rodney’s pantied bottom. He alternated between each cheek as Rodney kicked and cried, then turned his attention to the boy’s tender sit spot. Rodney squirmed across Terry’s lap as his bum heated up in agony.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy, I know that because you’ve obvi – obvus – susly -clearly been spanked already,” declared Terry. “Where are your jeans?”

“Veronica’s big brother made me leave them,” Rodney sniffed, “he made me wear this.”

“He MADE you?!” roared Terry, “You’re such a wimp! Couldn’t you fight back? I know he’s bigger than you but you don’t have to do what he says. Or were you too scared of him so you just did what he said? And peed your girl panties?”

“He paddled me, so did Veronica’s mum and dad, and her dad put his thing in my butt and Veronica raped me,” Rodney sobbed, lying limply over his stepfather’s lap.

“Well no son of mine is gonna let himself get ass raped or is gonna get raped by a girl!” snapped Terry, sounding furious. “I’m gonna give you a good caning tommorrow on your bare ass and you’re gonna get it worse if you ever get raped again. Now go to bed.”

Crying hard, Rodney scuttled upstairs to change out of his wet panties and skirt. He rubbed cream onto his tender, stretched butthole and flaming red bum. His sit-spots were deep red, nearly purple. His poor poo-ring hurt so much, and he took an ice-pole from the fridge and, after eating most of it, gently pushed the remainder up into his bunghole. It felt cool and soothing. That night, Rodney slept on his tummy, his colourful bum sticking up behind him.

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