07 Jun

I’m so happy. I’m so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to sell my virginity and blog about it, and I’m happy that you’re commenting on my blog and I already have this many followers even though I’ve only been blogging a couple of weeks. I know the number of followers is a lot less than some blogs that have hundreds, thousands or millions, but it’s a really good start. And I’m glad to have such nice friends, the old ones, the ones I’ve recently started hanging around with more after knowing them years, the brand new ones, the best-friend ones, and although only 2 of them know about this blog they mean so much to me.

Today I bought a wooden spoon and a frying pan for him to spank me with. I also had lunch with a friend I haven’t seen that much since high school; it was really fun and I know we’re going to see each other much more now. As she’s abstinent, we talked about abstinence and I told her that it fascinates me and is sexy/kinky. I deinetely think choosing abstinence is a great expression of individuality – it’s the abstinence education I’m against, and she thinks the same way. She says I’m interesting to talk to, but then so is she; a lot of intelligent things in those discussions.



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